Apr 6, 2012

Easy Lego Storage

My kids love LEGO toys! Any kind, doesn't matter! They do not like however, losing their little guys at the bottom of the Lego abyss. A majority of our Lego's are stored in big plastic containers. This can be very frustrating when they are looking for a teeny tiny light saber and jewels. We needed something for the little guys and all their little accessories. My feet will be so thankful!

My husband brought in a little fishing tackle box from out in the garage. He asked me if I thought it would work for their Lego's...would it work....of course!! So creative and thoughtful. Thank you!!

We gathered all their little pieces together and organized them the way they wanted them to be. Fishing tackle boxes come with these neat dividers so you can rearrange things the way you want it.

There you have it! All organized and ready to go! This tackle box also has a little handle on it so they can take it with them where ever they go! The best part is, it was free. I will be keeping my eyes peeled for more "storage containers" at garage sales this spring!

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  1. Nice!
    My favorite is being awakened in the night by a child crying for whatever reason, and running in to their rescue barefoot in the dark and stepping on the loose legos and trying not to cry myself while tending whatever the need is. Ouch.


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