Apr 1, 2012

Sunday Morning Bunny Pancakes

If you haven't noticed by now we have pancakes just about every Sunday morning.

It's a special time for our family. We all put on our creative thinking caps and try to make something fun and healthy out of our pancakes.

I came up with the bunny in the above picture. I used a bunny cookie cutter to cut out the shape.

I spread a thin layer of whip cream over the top to make him white. Then, I sprinkled shredded organic coconut over the top for his fur. I gave him mini chocolate chip eyes, a sprinkle for his nose, and strawberry fruit leather for his whiskers.

He was delicious!

A few other creations the kids made were:

A volcano erupting!

A cat!

A funny face!

We hope you have a wonderful Sunday morning!

Luke 3:6 "And all flesh shall see the salvation of God."

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