Apr 22, 2012

Sunday Morning Piggy Pancakes

Perfectly pink and extremely delicious! These piggy pancakes were such a big hit this morning that no one ever opened the syrup jar!!! What was it that made them so delicious? The strawberry whipped cream! I used our strawberry puree (see the "how to" here) to give the whipped cream the flavor and the perfectly pink color. I just added as much of the puree to the whipped cream as I needed to get the pink color.
Then, I simply added two regular sized chocolate chips for the eyes.

I made my shapes for the piggy face by pouring free hand the batter onto the griddle. You can always cut out the shapes with scissors if they don't turn out quite right.

Once you have your shapes the size you want them, spread on your whip cream. First, do the main circle. Then, do the nose and place it on the large circle. Last, the ears. Place them at the top of the circle. Now, add the eyes. You're finished! How easy was that. Breakfast was so quiet this morning. All I heard was eating noises. Like I said, no one put a drop of syrup on their pancakes. They were really good.....

Go ahead! Pig out!

We hope you had a wonderful day!

"The Earth is the Lord's, and the fulness thereof; the world and they that dwell therein." Psalm 24:1


  1. what a fun twist on pancakes. We had them for supper twice last week because we were so busy i didn'thave a lot of time for cooking..which is what makes pancakes great, they are so easy!

    1. Yes! We resort to breakfast for dinner quite often ;) too!

  2. These are tooooo cute! Thanks for sharing, I'll have to try these soon!
    Blessings, Kelly

  3. um YUM! these look delicious! My kids would love the pig shape, they would think I was quite talented if I put these before them :)


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