May 2, 2012

Rendering Lard in a Crock Pot

I have been meaning to render lard but kept putting it off because I wasn't sure I could get it right. I want to use it in my baking and cooking and since we have been hosting a Civil War event for kids I've been noticing that some of the recipe's from the Civil war era require lard. I decided now would have to be the time to try rendering.

I did a little research online after I had an unsuccessful attempt at rendering the lard on the stove. I didn't turn out bad it just tasted a little too much like bacon. I don't really want a pie that tastes like bacon!

I found this wonderfully easy way to render the lard in a crock pot at . It turned out beautifully! Using a crock pot made the process so much easier. The chances of you burning it are quite slim since the crock pot keeps it at the perfect temperature.
Also, you don't have to deal with grease getting all over the stove.

Put a 1/4 cup of water in the bottom of the crock pot. Then, cut off enough lard to fill the crock pot.

Put the crock pot on low. Cover and wait till the lard starts to melt.

This took me about 2 hours.

It looked like this when it was finished........

Take some cheesecloth and place it over a strainer which is placed over a bowl.

Pour the contents of the crock pot into the strainer. The lard will flow through the cheese cloth and into the bowl.

Pour the lard directly into a clean mason jar. You can keep the crackling's or throw them away.

 Let the lard cool and put it in the frig.

It will turn out a beautiful white! So much different then on the stove!

In the picture above, the jar on the left is from the crock pot, the jar on the right is from the stove.

The crock pot lard has basically no smell to it. The stove rendered lard smells a bit bacon-y.

A beautiful white!

Time to start baking!!

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  1. thanks for this! i'm gonna try it for the first time!


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